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My horse is high - loserdrome [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My horse is high [Jul. 3rd, 2005|12:38 am]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Fiend - Orgy]

I wanted to post something somewhere where no one would ever see it. Then it came to me in an epiphany on the toilet. LOSERDROME! No one ever goes there! So without further ado, something no one should ever have to be put through . . . Some pointless rantings and ravings.

Everything is over rated except the things that arnt. No one ever tells you how cool it is to have a seizure or how absolutely rad it is to blow your load in under ten seconds with some hotty that has the clap. Instead we get the usual boring bullshit.

Friendship is so important and needed, it makes me feel great to have someone to talk too. My job sucks but look at this car I have, isnt it cool?

Lets appreciate the things that go by unappreciated. That pile of dog feces that you stepped in earlier, that prick mother fucker who gave you that strange stare or rude comment, or even the fact that you might have just cut yourself a little too deeply and are now worrying about having to goto the hospital.

I didnt step in shit today nor was I the victim of a strange stare or comment and I didnt even cut myself to the point of worrying about hospitalization. But when and if those things happen I will try to appreciate them because they too are experiences with just as much importance as any of the things we commonly hold so dear.

Embrace the crap life throws at you and thrive on it. We are only as well as we want to be. Can you tell Ive had some experience with A.A. and N.A.? Can you tell that I wasnt there for me and have since fucked my brain over with the amount of drugs Ive taken? Can you tell how much time I have on my hands?